Immersive is the platform powered by Hawshaw Inc works on Augmented Reality  and Virtual Reality for Business. Slowly but surely AR/VR will be changing the shape of business. This can be applied to various industries such as retail, real estate, interior design, automotive, IT industry, training and education.

AR and VR for Business

The Immersive platform offers you everything you need to deliver intuitive and engaging experiences to your customers.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a broad term for a multi-sensory computer-generated experience that allows users to both experience and interact with a simulated environment.

Augumented Reality

Unlike virtual reality, which seeks to immerse the user in a completely virtual environment, augmented reality enhances the real world using digitally produced perceptual overlays.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality refers to a kind of augmented reality in which graphical visualizations are projected so as to appear as though they're interacting with the real world.

What will Immersive do for you?

Workforce Training Without Any Risk

AR transforms the face of industrial training and makes it more immersive, interesting, and safe. At the manufacturing floor, where risks are high and safety is the main concern; training of newcomers becomes quintessential. With AR and VR, they can be accurately trained and their performance analyzed within the simulated environment without high costs, damage to equipment and ultimately resulting in much fewer fatalities on the shop floor.

Enable us to Extract More From the Available Data

As soon as the age of big data started, companies started getting problems while handling such a huge accumulation. It became difficult to extract valuable insights from the 2-dimensional data that can render the 3-dimensional world. So, everyone was in need of something that can bridge this gap and can provide complete in-depth data exploitation. Augmented reality is bringing the digital world into real-world and thus creating a bridge between the two worlds. These are letting people get more from the data.

Let Your Customers Feel Special

Consumers love to experience and explore something new and innovative. With Augmented Reality, every business can bring innovation and can rule over a major part of their consumer group. A survey reveals that almost 50% of the customers prefer shopping at the retailers where they will get AR and VR experience.

Your Retail Shop Could Beat Online Shopping

AR and VR also help you in engaging your customers at your shops without any employees. They can browse a detail about a product in the store and learn more about it before purchasing. They can also get to know about other’s opinion for a product and all with the simple scanning of QR code on an AR/VR app.